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Orona 3G indoor and outdoor lifts

Orona 3G Product and Services Platform is a full range of solutions for maintenance, replacement, and remodeling of lifts, escalators, or ramps and walkways in buildings without a lift, or for services in newly built hospitals, urban locations, offices, apartment buildings, etc.

  • Orona lift


    ORONA manufactures Gearless lifts either with or without a machine room, designed to respond to the most demanding requirements of any building type.

  • Orona escalators


    ORONA's escalators are notable for their high passenger transport capacities as well as their durability, and they are equipped with the most advanced safety devices.

  • Moving ramps and walkways for transit stations

    Moving walks and inclined moving walks

    Our moving walks and inclined moving walks can be integrated into airports, metro stations, and other urban environments in an optimal manner, in order to allow improved traffic management and increased comfort for users.

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