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Orona 3G options

Orona urban outdoor lift

Our lifts, like our escalators, ramps, and walkways, incorporate technical solutions adapted to your needs.

As ORONA, we offer unique solutions to cover the needs of our users in relation to energy efficiency, adaptability to the building, control and safety, etc.

Energy efficient options

Energy efficiency

ORONA is the world's first company in the lift sector to receive Eco-Design certification under the ISO 14006 standard.

Energy efficiency is one of our basic principles in developing our new lift systems.

We incorporate the environmental factor in each stage of the product life cycle (materials, design, manufacturing, recyclability).

Our technological solutions can allow very significant savings in terms of a building energy consumption.

Energy efficiency


  • Low-energy drive
  • Efficient lighting
  • Automatic car lighting turn off
  • Landing illumination control
  • Lift stand-by mode
  • Regenerative system

Escalators and moving walks:

  • Slow Motion and Stop&Go features
  • Efficient lighting
  • Lubrication
Lift adapted to historic building

Adaptability to the building

Our solutions are integrated into all building types, incorporating cutting-edge technology and flexible designs for 100% adaptation to the building characteristics.

We offer technological adaptations and "a la carte" design

Options for adaptability to the building:


  • Flexible controller location
  • Lift well enclosure
  • Wide-framed door
  • Reduced headroom
  • Reduced pit
  • Accessible space below the pit

Escalators and moving walks:

  • Operation with shopping or luggage trolleys
  • Control panel
  • Key switch
  • Instalation indoor, covered outdoor or outdoor
Safe lift

Control and safety



Maximum trust, safety, and reliability in emergency situations.

  • Teleservice system
  • Automatic rescue system
  • Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire (EN 81-73)
  • Connection to auxiliary power source (generator)
  • Pit water detector
  • Safety landing call cancelling
  • Firefighters lift (EN 81-72)
  • Landing fire door


We provide a range of options designed to improve communications for passenger traffic management.

  • Pre-opening doors
  • Monitoring units
  • Supervisor
  • VDAP (Multimedia screen)
  • Down collective control
  • Full collective control
  • Traffic management
  • Intercom

Access control:

We offer the most technologically advanced options for access control.

  • Zone cancelling, coded call
  • Compulsory stop at main floor
  • Exterior call cancellation
  • Key-operated call control & disconnection
  • Independent entrance selection
  • Non-emergency outage
  • Emergency outage
  • Automatic car call deletion
  • Nudging function
  • Resistance to vandalism (EN 81-71)

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