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Lift in a metro station. Orona

ORONA manufactures Gearless lifts, either with or without a machine room, to respond to the most demanding requirements of any building type.

ORONA designs, manufactures, installs, modernises, and maintains lifts dedicated to the transport of people and loads, for use in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centres, airports, metro stations, buildings with no lift, etc.

Orona lifts are designed to cover all vertical transport needs for people and loads in all building types, in a comfortable, safe, and efficient manner.

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Our lifts can be made to fit
any building type specifications

  • Moving ramp in a shopping centre

    Commercial buildings

    Lifts and goods lifts able to respond to the most demanding situations in office buildings and shopping centres, which are spaces with high levels of pedestrian traffic.

  • Special lift for hospitals


    Lifts, goods lifts, and bed lifts for transporting patients, medical personnel, and visitors with maximum safety, availability, hygiene, and comfort.

  • High-capacity car lift

    Heavy loads

    ORONA installs car lifts and goods lifts to easily transport any type of load of any shape or size, no matter how fragile, heavy, or complex.

  • Lift integrated into an apartment building

    Apartment buildings

    Comfortable and silent lifts for apartment buildings. Provided with the latest technology, LED lighting, automatic switch-off systems for reduced energy consumption when not in use.

  • Lift in a high-rise building

    High-rise buildings

    Lifts for high-rise buildings capable of high-speed transport of people and loads, with maximum safety and comfort levels.

  • Lift that ensures accessibility at a train station

    Transport and public buildings

    Lifts designed specifically for personal mobility and accessibility in urban settings such as airports, metro stations, or exterior spaces with unique topography.

  • Lift integrated into a setting with high historical value

    Heritage building

    Lifts featuring the latest technology and innovative designs that can be integrated into and adapted to architectural environments with high historical value, with minimal building impact.

  • ORONA stair-climbing platform


    Easy-to-install platforms and stair risers to eliminate architectural barriers in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, or other public spaces.

  • Lift installed in the stairwell of a building without a lift

    Building without lift

    If you live in a building with no lift, it's hard to deny the accessibility and functionality that a lift could offer. ORONA can install your lift in a building's stairwell or on an exterior façade, wherever it fits best.

  • Old lift, replaced by one with the latest technology

    Lift replacement

    If your building's lift is over 25 years old, we can install a new one featuring the latest technology. Whatever the dimensions of the shaft, we can improve the lift capacity, comfort, accessibility, and safety, along with your building value.

Orona references

We have a broad range of experience installing lifts, escalators, and moving walks and inclined moving walks in various building types and environments. Discover some of our most notable installations.

Our sales consultants are always ready to assist our Clients. They can answer your questions or provide more information about installation, maintenance, or modernisation of lifts for any building type

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