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Latest technological developments enhance the value of the lift

ORONA offers the option of completely replacing a lift with the most technologically advanced products on the market for increased accessibility, safety, energy savings, and ride comfort.

Easy installation with minimum disruption to the building’s day to day activities.

  • Products and services endorsed by national and European quality and safety certificates and standards.

  • Larger car dimensions maximizing the use of available shaft space.

  • On-site project management providing an interface between our workforce and the Customer.

  • Improved comfort in the travel and traffic management in the building.

  • Renewed aesthetics or the lift: wide range of finishes.

  • Energy saving through eco- efficient solutions.

  • EN 81-1 & 2 compliance features.

  • EN 81-70 Accessibility compliance features.

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Adapted to any type of elevation product from any brand on the market.
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