Installation of a lift in a building with no lift.

ORONA lifts offer multiple installation possibilities for buildings with no lift, in a stairwell, on an exterior facade, or in an atrium.

We have extensive experience in this type of project and we can offer you comprehensive services and stay with you throughout the entire process.

Two Orona engineers walking

We take care of everything

We coordinate and manage all work crews involved in changing a lift with minimal interference with the building daily operation

We have an extensive network of collaborators, including specialised architects, auxiliary work teams (masons, steelworkers, carpenters, etc.) with a broad range of experience. We also work with legal consultants, land planners, and other professionals linked to housing rehabilitation.

Client-adapted solutions

We offer specific solutions for low-consumption rehabilitation.

  • Custom-designed products: we design the lift's car inch-by-inch.
  • Our own manufacturing to provide maximum guarantees and take optimal advantage of the available space.
  • Reduced-size pits and headrooms.
  • Lift installation possibilities, either with or without machine room:
    • In a stairwell
    • On an exterior facade
    • In an atrium
    • Stairway demolition
    • Hanging pits
    • Direct to flat
Woman with pushchair exiting a lift


Improved accessibility for people who are older, or disabled, or with reduced mobility, through precision stopping and automatic doors.

We can advise you on how to obtain accessibility subsidies for lifts.

Lift on a building exterior façade


Technological advances now allow for a variety of solutions for installing lifts in older buildings, either in the interior or on an exterior façade.

ORONA has models designed specifically for existing buildings without a lift.

Young man signing some documents

Subsidies and tax benefits

We offer consulting on the various types of subsidies and tax benefits available to support rehabilitation of apartment buildings and building accessibility rights.

People with a pushchair entering a lift

Safer and more comfortable traffic

Make traffic more flexible and comfortable for both residents and visitors. Smoother and quieter movement.

Increase safety level by avoiding the need to carry shopping or the pushchair up the stairs.

Young girl posing in front of lifts

Quality of life

Provide fast, comfortable, and safe access to any floor of a building. Eliminate the need to carry shopping bags, pushchairs, or luggage up stairways.

Larger car dimensions by taking maximum advantage of the shaft space available.

Glass lift on the exterior of some holiday apartments

Increase building value and save energy

Increase building current and future value.

Save energy thanks to our eco-efficient solutions.

ORONA Service:full response to your servie needs

We offer services adapted to your needs. We are always there to provide service and assistance, because we are always looking out for you.

24-hour service

  • Service for malfunctions and emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Fastest service times guaranteed.

ORONA contact centre

  • Multi-lingual phone platformto handle alarms and emergencies.
  • Continuous two-way communication with the lift car.
  • Immediate attention and follow-up.


With ORONA guarantee of quality, service, and Client assistance.
Ask us, we want to be your first option.