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Step-by-step lift installation

Everything you need to know about our processes for service, development, and lift installation.

1. Start the process - Telephone contact

Telephone contact

No-commitment quotation:

  • Get in touch with us and a sales technician will visit to perform a study and help you find the most appropriate solution.
  • The economic study will include everything required for lift installation:
    • Lift
    • Construction work
    • Planning and work supervision
    • Coordination, etc.
  • Comprehensive service.


  • Present the study to your neighbors and count on us to clarify any doubts that may arise:
    • Detailed scope of the offer contents.
    • Comparative analysis of the various solutions.
  • Agreement from the community is very important throughout the process.
  • This phase concludes with the final agreement by the community association.

2. Installation

Development phase

From signing the contract through attaining administrative permits required so that construction work and lift installation can begin:

  • Detailed definition of plans after Client approval.
  • Application for municipal license and other administrative permits.
  • Application for various subsidies available for a given project.
  • Planning for execution.

Execution phase

From initiation of work until delivery of the final construction certificates and lift start-up. During performance of the work, special attention is given to:

  • Safety for residents and workers
  • Minimising the work's interference with day-to-day activities in the building.
  • Coordination of work crews to ensure compliance with execution planning.

3. Maintenance - Service

  • Orona lift maintenance service worker

    Optimal functional guarantee for installation through Orona's Comprehensive Maintenance Service.

  • Workers performing quality assurance tasks

    Maximum quality standards and features, guaranteed by Orona.

  • Worker from 24 hours a day, every day of the year Service

    Full availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Orona workers and vehicles

    Fast response with best service times.

With ORONA guarantee of quality, service, and Client assistance.
Ask us, we want to be your first option.

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