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It is no coincidence that
our logo is green.

ORONA is the world's first company in the lift sector to receive ISO 14006
Eco-Design certification

AENOR's ISO certificate in Eco-Design


Eco-design implies "clean" operations in all product phases, from design through to the final product life cycle: minimal emissions, good production practices, and decreased energy and resource consumption.

Energy efficiency analysis and energy certification for your building

Orona 3G lifts meet the highest energy rating (A) in all categories.

From ORONA we support and advise you on:

  • How to obtain energy certificates for your building in accordance with the standards in force in each country.
  • Energy efficiency analysis by studying economic savings produced by optimisation of each installation.

Eco-engineering energy services from Orona

Energy ratings and the VDI 4707 standard

The VDI 4707 standard was developed by an independent association of German engineers. It is applied specifically for lifts, and was inspired by the energy ratings given to household appliances.

This standard defines seven consumption classes running from A through G in relation to the lift's energy performance, with A representing the most efficient systems.

The evaluation is performed by an independent entity, with two key types of data used to determine the rating: energy used during a reference run and energy required in stand-by mode. The final results of the classification depend on the building type, the lift's travel, frequency of use, and loads.

The HQE certification

This certification's goal is to reduce a building's environmental impacts by taking all phases of its life cycle into consideration, from construction through demolition.

In order to involve all of the parties involved in a building's construction, the HQE certification evaluates 14 targets to define a building's environmental quality. These targets are distributed into four families: eco-construction, eco-management, comfort, and health.

For projects integrated into the HQE process, we provide exhaustive documentation about how these 14 targets apply to our lifts.

Get BREEAM credits

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) is the world's leading evaluation and certification method for sustainability in building.

It establishes the standard for best practices in sustainable design and has become the de facto measurement used to describe a building's environmental performance.

To learn more about eco-design at Orona and our zero energy balance lift technology, download this information:

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