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MidWestern Orona

Mid Western Lifts renamed as MidWestern Orona
Same professionals, new brand name and new corporate identity

Orona. We maintain your lifts

From July 2014, Mid Western Lifts will continue supplying you the same quality product and services, this time under our new brand name: MidWestern Orona. We face the future with a challenging objective which is to integrate a highly skilled local infrastructure, further supported by a global organization. Thousands of professionals sharing the same goal: develop the most performing, safe and confortable urban mobility and accessibility solutions for our Customers under a new "green" brand name.

Because it's not a coincidence our new brand is green, ORONA is the first company in the elevation sector worldwide certified in Eco-design according to standard ISO 14006 –"Orona's green"-and together we pursue achieving a more sustainable urban future, environmental technologies and green building global recognition systems.

Our brand name and appearance change, but our professional Customer solution-oriented and friendly working methods remain unchanged.

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